How to Dress for your trip

We paddle rain or shine and never cancel due to weather. We STRONGLY recommend low cut running shoes, shorts or bathing suit. WOOL or SYNTHETIC sweater and NYLON windbreaker. COTTON MAKES YOU COOL AND IS NOT ADVISABLE. Wetsuits are complimentary in May and after Labour Day Monday in September. In the summer we recommend you rent (on site) a full or half suit depending on the weather. Eyeglasses must be secured. For those on the day trip please bring a towel to have in the car for when you return.


What you can bring on the raft

We don’t recommend bringing anything you cannot afford to lose. The trip leader will have a dry bag for those who have medication or medical equipment that they need to have with them but it is a small bag. If you wish to carry any items on your person it should be in a small dry bag (available at stores that selling camping equipment) that you can clip to your life jacket or small fanny pack that you can wear.  Items cannot be left loose in the raft as they may be lost overboard or can cause injury if they hit someone. If you would like to bring a bottle of water on the raft it must have a clip that can be fastened to your life jacket or to the rope that runs along the edge of the raft.


Preparing for your departure

Once you are done your briefing you will be headed for the bus, ensure that you have put all of your personal belongings either in the trunk of your car or in one of the coin operated lockers in the changing area. On hot days we recommend bringing a bottle of water with you on the bus. Car keys are kept in a lock box in reception. If you prefer to keep your keys with you ensure they are sealed in a dry bag that can be clipped to your clothing as many customers have had their keys fall in the river if they are stored in pockets. Anything you bring with you will get wet if it is not stored in a dry bag.


What to bring overnight


If you’re camping


  • bring tent
  • sleeping bag
  • foam pad
  • pillow
  • flashlight
  • folding camp chairs
  • Hibachi or BBQ
  • Bug spray
  • Sun Screen
  • good pair of hiking boots
  • old pair of runners for water activities
  • frisbees/footballs/games
  • towels


If you are renting one of our accommodation units

Our rental accommodations include all bedding and towels. Everyone should bring flashlight, wind up alarm and warm clothing for evenings.

We recommend

  • Beach towels
  • Bug spray
  • Sun screen
  • Good hiking boots
  • Old runners for water activities